Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Episode 1 of The Nothing Show.
Tonight: Dave Delaney will play C.C. Chapman and Tim Coyne will play Merlin Mann.

Special thanks to C.C. and Merlin for their tweets.

The Nothing Show theme music is by: Keith Troup. idmstudios.com. Thanks Keith!

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Anonymous said...

HAHAA!! You guys rock! I recognized a bunch of the tweets :D

Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Thaks Nico! We had a blast doing it. We're looking forward to doing Episode Two very soon.


Unknown said...

Hey guys! Had fun listening to the podcast... Now we all need to be very careful on what we say... umm.. Tweet I mean... ;)

Dave said...
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Daniel said...

This was the first episode I listened to. It took me a little while before I realized what you were doing. I thought you guys were just doing small talk before you got into reading the tweets. After awhile, I realized that you just jumped right into it.

I, too, recognized a bunch of those tweets. Too funny.