Thursday, April 17, 2008

Episode 9 of The Nothing Show.
Today: Dave Delaney will play Pistachio and Tim Coyne will play Pamela Tribbons.
Special thanks to Laura and Pamela for their tweets.

The Nothing Show theme music is by: Keith Troup.

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GeekMommy said...

Um, guys? The Listen Now link is wrong - set to take you to show #6 rather than #9.

Granted, you can just replace the 6 with a 9 and get it - but you might wanna fix! :)

Unknown said...

Dave! This is fantastic! Just found this, via, a-herm, twitter!

Dave Delaney - Nothing Show said...

Thanks for your comment GeekMommy. I had a look and think it was a temporary kink when I uploaded the episode. Cheers for the heads up.

Dan. You rock too. Thanks for your comment. Your travels to Africa are amazing. Everyone should listen to Creepy Sleepy!

Cheers guys.