Monday, December 17, 2007

Episode 4 of The Nothing Show.
Today: Dave Delaney will play Chris Penn and Tim Coyne will play John Wall.
Special thanks to Chris and John for their tweets.

The Nothing Show theme music is by: Keith Troup.

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John J. Wall said...

Holy crap, not only am I a drunk, I'm boring too...

Dave Delaney - Nothing Show said...

That might be my favorite comment here yet :-) LOL! Nice one John. Thanks for being such a good sport.


Unknown said...

Don't feel bad John. I'm a drunk also. The irony is that I was drinking while reading your tweets.


Daniel said...

I've subscribed to this show just to hear John Wall sound like a drunk.

Daniel said...

I definitely recognized some of those tweets. Another score by Dave and Tim (and by proxy Chris and John).

Jeff said...

I wish this show was available in HD.


Dave Delaney - Nothing Show said...

@daniel: kinda weird, eh?
@jeff: thanks, we're working on that.

Happy Ho Ho guys.