Thursday, January 3, 2008

Episode 5 of The Nothing Show.
Today: Dave Delaney will play Nick Douglas and Tim Coyne will play Sarah Wurrey.
Special thanks to Nick and Sarah for their tweets.

The Nothing Show theme music is by: Keith Troup.

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Anonymous said...

Hee! Nick Douglas here. I liked it. Now you've GOT to do Adam Lisagor (Lonely Sandwich) and Scott Simpson. They are gods.

The Verve said...

Brilliant idea guys! So ridiculous... Love it!!!

Dave Delaney - Nothing Show said...

Thanks guys. We'll follow Adam and Scott, at first glance their tweets look pretty amusing!

We love the fact you think the show is ridiculous, it's always fun to produce. We have no idea where each episode is going to go.

Don't blame us, blame the tweets :-)


Sarah Wurrey said...

This is hilarious. Reminds me of how silly some of the things I tweet can be. I love it, honored to be included. :-)

Dave Delaney - Nothing Show said...

Thanks for being a great sport Sarah! Your tweets rule.